before your treatment


A full Abhyanga treatment envelops the body with refined organic sesame oil in approximately 60 minutes. Unlike typical western massage techniques, in Ayurveda we believe that the whole body can benefit from the treatment and encourage people to experience this massage without any clothing. However, I ask you to choose whatever may be the most comfortable to you. 

The focus during an Abhyanga is not on fixing something that may be 'wrong' in the body. There is nothing wrong in the body. The therapeutic benefit of sesame oil used in this treatment will penetrate all dhatus (the 7 tissues of the body) as the techniques melt tension away and encourage a balanced flow of prana (energy) throughout your whole body. From this place, deep restoration and healing can occur. 



The technique itself involves massaging the tailbone as well as around the hips and buttocks. Please let me know if you would like me to avoid any of these areas and I can craft a treatment that will be comfortable for you. 

Talking is generally avoided as to not distract you from absorbing the subtle benefits of the treatment, so please let me know beforehand about preferences. However, please let me know if you are uncomfortable or if I can do anything to make you more comfortable at any point.

Please bring socks, something to wrap your head and clothing that may be exposed to some sesame oil. Before the treatment, avoid any heavy meals and please remove jewelry.

After the treatment it is best to maximize rest to digest the treatment. Give the oil sufficient time to deeply absorb in your body, then take a warm shower. Avoid being outside for long periods of time, eat warm and nourishing foods, drink warm water or tea, and avoid alcohol and a lot of stimulation.

In gratitude for your support & in exploration of embodied liberation.