ayurvedic treatments:


A kansu treatment begins with a marma pressure massage, extending from the knee to the foot with nourishing ghee (clarified butter). A kansu bowl made of copper, bronze, zinc and two secret metals is used in a variety of techniques over the soles of the feet. This is a tri-doshic treatment that particularly helps vata and pitta imbalances.  30 min.


Abhyanga is the heart of an ayurvedic bodywork treatment: a head to toe massage experience with warm & nourishing oil that melts muscle tension and removes toxins. Deeply personalized to your own needs, abhyanga treatments are detoxifying, balancing, relaxing and inherently rejuvenating. 60 min. Back Abhyanga: 30 mins.


Svedana means 'to perspire' and is a form of steam therapy which I offer as a facial steam. Recommended before a kansu or abhyanga, essential oils are available to add, selected by your vikruti (current state) of that day. 15 min.


Pichauli is an incredible 4-handed massage using one quart of oil. My teacher Chinnamasta and I offer this enveloping treatment that deeply nourishes the whole body. An expert ayurvedic boydworker, Chinnamasta practices with mastery and loving presence. 60 min.