Our bodies are sacred grounds filled with complex and miraculous physiological and energetic systems. My bodywork style is grounded in traditional ayurvedic training, trauma & culturally-sensitive practice, body/mind/spirit assessment, and with the intention of supporting clients to meet themselves in a relaxed and aware state.

a y u r v e d i c t r e a t m e n t s

Ayurveda means life + knowledge in Sanskrit and is the traditional medicine system in India which promotes an individualized approach to create wholeness within our body and balance among the elements. Not everyone is the same, so oils and specific techniques used are based upon who they are when they arrive. I have been studying this art since 2016 and have the honor of serving in an ongoing ayurvedic apprenticeship through Shiva Shakti Loka. More information about ayurvedic treatments.

o n c o l o g y b o d y w o r k

Throughout supporting hundreds of people across society who have been diagnosed with cancer I’ve seen it as one of the most transformative experiences of a person’s life, across all levels of their being. Individualized bodywork for people diagnosed with cancer may add a sense of relaxation and a feeling of wholeness into their life.

e n d o f l i f e b o d y w o r k

Experience in hospice showed me how to care and support those transitioning at the end of life and their loved ones. Specialized training in end of life bodywork has enabled me to understand therapeutic touch during all stages of life. End of life bodywork can assist in providing comfort and connection to the client. I also enjoy teaching loved ones how to use touch to stay connected to the client during this meaningful time.

m y o f a s c i a l r e l e a s e & c u p p i n g

Throughout our body complex patterns of fascia hold us together and often hold our tension. Myofascial techniques assist in releasing this congestion, gently creating fluidity and ease of movement. Myofascial cupping complements these hands-on techniques by focusing on deep release in particular areas of tension.

e n e r g e t i c b o d y w o r k & s o u n d r e l a x a t i o n

Energetic bodywork offers the opportunity for release on the subtle level and to look deeply into the layers of our human experience. I have completed reiki master training, a certification in sound, music and voice in the healing arts from CIIS and have studied vedic chanting in Chennai, India at the school of Krishnamacharya who was often referred to as the father of modern postural yoga.