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CAREPHERNALIA /kair·fer·neyl·yuh/

n., pl. necessary means for our well being, even when this appears superfluous to society or history. Taking true care of ourselves often means stepping beyond habits and the status quo.


These aromatherapy blends are the most popular of all mixes I've created. Sprays are perfect for your body, fabric, your home and come in a 2oz glass bottle spray with organic witch hazel. They are also available in a 10ml roller ball blended with organic jojoba oil for application directly on your skin.


CLEARING SPRAY: Create your own clearing ritual with this sage and juniper berry blend which can be used directly on the skin, clothes and your environment to clear away what is no longer needed.

BALANCING SPRAY: Lavender, sweet orange, cedarwood and lemon blended together create this bright balancing blend for any time.

GUIDING SPRAY: Inspired by shamanic Peruvian Agua de Florida this blend of clove, lavender, bergamot, sweet orange, lemon and cinnamon captures the nose and the spirit on multiple levels.


These therapeutic blends are based on ayurvedic principles to help bring us back to a state of balance. Learn a bit about constitutions here.

VATA EASE: Frankincense, lavender, patchouli & cinnamon blend. Elevated vata (air/ether) can cause fear, anxiety and stress. In ayurveda, this warming and grounding combination of oils can help ease excess vata.

PITTA REPRIEVE: Rose geranium, sandalwood & vetvier blend. Elevated pitta (fire/water) can look like anger, frustration, impatience and lead to burnout. This sweet, floral and cooling blend can help soften and cool extra fire you may be carrying.

KAPHA LIFT: Tulsi, eucalpytus, cypress & clove blend. Elevated kapha (earth/water) can feel like sluggishness, attachment and self-centeredness. Tulsi, holy basil, is a sharp herbaceous minty oil used extensively in ayurveda and sacred rituals, and is paired with eucalyptus to invigorate and energize. Cypress and clove add earthy and spicy background notes.

$9/2oz glass bottle; $7/10ml glass roller with stainless steel ball. Request items through the Contact tab.

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Wild-harvested Kenyan Leleshwa is a sweetly purifying essential oil. Epsom salt is blended with rose petals grown and dried in San Francisco for a clearing and soft relaxation experience. $9/4oz glass jar. Request items through the Contact tab.