2/1 Wed 7-9p SF: CCSW Who's Land is This Land? Working with Immigrants in the Era of Trump

2/1 Wed 7-10p SFArab Cultural & Community Community Center Emergency Town Hall Meeting

2/4 Thurs 12-2p: UC-Wide NoDAPL Day of Action

2/3 Fri 7-830p SF: Stopping Trumps Program from Becoming Reality

2/3 Fri 7-9p OAK: 

2/4 Sat 1-3p SFSF United Against Trump Organizing Meeting

2/4 Sat 5-9p SF: Charity Burger for PP & ACLU @ El Rio

2/4 Sat 4-7p SFNoBanNoWallSF (large protest)

2/4 Sat 5-7p SAC: Justice Night Walk

2/5 Sun 3-4p SF: People's Town Hall at Feinstein's

2/5 Sun 3-8p SFPunt Trump: Dance Party Benefit for ACLU

2/6 Mon 530-630p SF: AMA: The Nitty Gritty

2/7 Tue 530 730 SF: Resisting Trump: Protect Our Communities

2/7 Tue 6-7p SF: ACLU Workshop: Know Your Rights - Demonstrations & Protests

2/8 Wed 8a-6p SF: NoDAPL Last Stand in SF

2/8 Wed 1030a-1230p SF: Support SF Ordinance Against Muslim Registry

2/8 Wed 6-8p SF: Immigration in Trump's America @ Bayanihan

2/9 Thurs 630-8 OAK: Arise!

2/9 Thurs 630-9 SF: Practicing Solidarity: Rapid Response Network Info & Training

2/9 Thurs 8p SF: Resist! Anti-Facist Fashion Show & Radical Bake Sale @ El Rio

2/10 Fri 7-9 Berkeley: If We Are Willing: NoDAPL & Climate Activists Fundraiser

2/11 Sat 8a-5p Redwood City: Counter Demonstration to Anti-PP Protest

2/11 Sat 10-2p San Jose: STAND with Planned Parenthood Protest

2/11 Sat 1030-12p Pacifica: Resist! (aerial helicopter beach photo protest)

2/11 Sat 1030-1230p SF: Resist Trump- Now! (aerial helicopter beach photo protest)

2/11 Sat 1030a-1230p SF: Trump Must Go-- Now

2/11 Sat 3-4p SF: People's Town Hall at Pelosi's

2/11 Sat 330-530 OAK: Trump: First 100 Days Planning Meeting

2/12 Sat 12-2p SF: Dance Across the Golden Gate Bridge: Salsa Resistance

2/12 Sun 11-4p OAK: Together We Can: Post-Inauguration Resource Fair

2/20 Mon 4-6p SF: bell hooks

2/21 Tue 1130-2p OAK: Not My Sheriff! Not My President! No mas deportaciones

2/22 Weds 6-9p SF: Draughts and Drafts for the ACA

2/22 Weds 6-9p SF: NoDAPL Standing Rock's final stand: Eviction Day Fundraiser

2/22 Weds 6-7:30p SF: Let Ms. Iris Canada Back in her Home!

2/22 Weds 7-10pm SF: How to Make Change -Strategy Session with Shaun King in the Bay

2/23 Thurs 7-9p OAK: Movement to End the New Jim Crow

2/23 Thurs 11a-1p OAK: Pack the Courthouse for Yuvette Henderson

2/23 Thurs 6:30-8:30p SF: Practicing Solidarity During Immigrant Raids: Rapid Response Net

2/23 Thurs 8-10p SF: Elegy for Ghostship : an evening of music in remembrance

2/23 Fri 11:30a-1:30p SF: Rally outside "A Conversation with US Senator Dianne Feinstein"

2/25 Sat 12-4p OAK: CA Single Payer Campaign Kick-Off

2/25 Sat 915a-1030a SF: Women's March Yoga: Donation Based Class

2/25 Sat 1-3p SF: Protest Funeral for EPA, the climate, and environmental justice

2/25 Sat 7-9p OAK: Bob Moses Lecture

2/26 Sun 4-530p SF: Edward Snowden & Daniel Ellsburg Lecture

2/26 Sun 10a-12p OAK: Feinstein Empty Chair Town Hall

2/23 Sun 12-4p Richmond: Art party #2 SF Native Nations march

3/7 Tue 1145-1 OAK: People's Planet Vs. Profit: The Fight of Our Lives

3/7 Tue 12-1 Berkeley: Free Dreamer Daniela Vargas

3/7 Tue 12-3pm: Resist Trump Tuesday: No DAPL No Coal

3/7 Tue 6p-8p SF: President Trump & the Future of US-Asia Relations

3/7 Tue 7-9p SF: TWC March Organization Meeting

3/8 Wed 930a-8p SF: Yogis for Human Rights: International Women's Day Event

3/8 Wed 12p-5p: Gender Strike! Bay Area

3/8 Wed 4p: SF/Bay Area Women's Day and Organizers Meeting

3/8 Wed 5p-12a OAK: Oakland Women's Demonstration

3/8 Wed 630-830 San Jose: Building Violence Free Communities: Boys and Feminism

3/8 Wed 630-930p SF: International Women's Day: General Strike After Party

3/8 Wed 6-8p SF: Happy Hour with the League of Women Voters SF

3/9 Thurs 5-7p OAK: Protect Oakland From Trump's FBI

3/9 Thurs 7p SF: Bay Area Refuse Fascism Organizers Meeting

3/9 Thurs 7-9p OAK: Alameda Co Healthcare for All Meeting

3/10 Fri Berkeley: NLG The Limits of Executive Power

3/10 Fri 6-9p SF: SF International Women's Day Celebration

3/10 Fri 5-9p SF: Native Nations March

3/10 Fri 630-830p SF: Israeli Policies and Practices in Relation to the Trump Era

3/11 Sat Bay Area: Launch of ACLU People Power Action Events

3/11-3/12 OAK: ROAR Conference 2017: Revolutionary Organizing Against Racism

3/11 Sat 3-6p SF: Protest Against Palantir ICE Government Surveillance

3/11 Sat 3-8p Richmond: No Borders, No Nations Noise Demo

3/12 Sun 10-2 Berkeley: Berkeley Acupuncture Project Sanctuary Sundays

3/12 Sun 1-3 Palo Alto: Peaceful Gathering to Denounce Hate

3/12 Sun 2-530p OAK: Faith Rooted Organizing Training

3/13 Mon 630-730 SF: Intelligence Wars: A Discussion with General Michael Hayden

3/14 Tue 12-6p Palo Alto: Tech Stands Up to Trump

3/14 Tue 2-5p SF: Board of Supervisors Meeting: No DAPL Investment Screen

3/15 Wed: Mail Trump's Termination Notice on March 15th

3/15 Wed 6-8p SF: Postcards 2 Politicians: An Evening of Action

3/15 Wed 7:30-9:30 OAK: Anti Police Terror Project General Meeting

3/16 Thurs 4-7p SF: Protest The New Muslim Ban

3/16 Thurs 6-10p SF: Laughing Monk Brewing ACLU & SF Immigration Network Fundraiser

3/16 Fri 330-530p Berkeley: Teach-in on Fascism 2017

3/17 Fri 630-930 SF: Resistance Works

3/18 Sat 2:30-5:30 OAK: SURJ First Responders Training

3/18 Sat 3-5:30p SF: Talking to Kids About Race in 2017 with Micia Mosely

3/19 Sun 2:20-4:20 OAK: Get Out: Social Justice Sunday Matinee $6

3/21 Tue 4-6 & 8-6p Berkeley: NLG Legal Observer Training

3/21 Tue 5-7p OAK: Interfaith Resistance: Divest from the Pipeline

3/22 Wed 4-7p Berkeley: Ohlone Berkeley Shellmound Teach-in & Prayer Walk

3/22 Wed 6-730p SF: Homelessness in San Francisco Workshop

3/22 Wed 9p-2a SF: Bern Baby Bern Returns @ Elbo Room

3/23 Thurs 730-9 OAK: Community Reading Group Oakland: Direct Action

3/25 Sat 1-230p SF: Resist! How Artists Survive and Strategize Under the New Regime

3/25 Sat 1-3 SF: Anti-Gentrification Town Hall: Save Black & Refugee Homes

3/25 Sat 7-9p OAK: Notes Against the Ban: A Musical Response

3/26 Sun 12-2p OAK: Solidarity Training: Migra Watch Hotline

3/26 Sun 1-5p SF:

Tue & Thurs until 3/31 SF: Rainbow Co-op 20% off with Social Justice Organization Donation

3/27 Mon 630-830 Albany: Bay Area Childcare Collective Orientation

3/28 Tue 1130-130p SF: Funeral for Politics as Usual: Tell Feinstein No More Compromise

3/28 Tue 7-9p SF: ACT(ing) UP: 30 Years of Direct Action

3/29 Wed 530-630 SF: Training: Homeless Encampment Sweeps Watch

3/29 Wed 630-8p SF: Sanctuary City: What's At Stake?

3/30 Thurs 1-230p: Multiply & Mobilize! How to Resist Divide & Conquer Tactics Webinar

3/30 Thurs 7-9p: San Francisco Refuse Fascism Organizing Meeting

3/31 Fri 2-4p SF: Making Art During Facism

3/31 Fri 530-830 SF: Trans Day of Visibility 2017

3/31 Fri 730-9 SF: Community Reading Group SF: Direct Action

4/1 Sat OAK: MAPP Call to Action!

4/1 Sat 12-1p OAK: Human Billboard - Black Lives Matter! Honor Black Trans Women Killed

4/1 Sat 130-5p OAK: Build the Resistance Saturday Outreach Days for May Day

4/1 Sat 2-5p Berkeley: Labor Rising for Education w/ Restorative Justice Band

4/2 Sun 830-1030a OAK: Making Art During Facism

4/4 Tue 330-5p SF: Black Worker Justice - Fighting for the Dream

4/4 Tue 7-9p Hayward: Justice for Ebbie Mondragon at Hayward City Council

4/5 Wed 4-5p SF: Defend Midtown Sanctuary - Save Black & Immigrant Homes

4/6 Thurs 6p OAK: Anti-Lab Launch

4/7 Fri 5p OAK: Resistance Bingo @ Anti-Lab

4/7 Fri 630-9 OAK: Nasty Women Exhibition Oakland

4/8 Sat 8a-6p Pittsburg: Refinery Healing Walk with Idle No More SF Bay

4/8 Sat 10a-5p OAK: Resistance Art Build

4/8 Sat 12-3p OAK: Screenprinting @ Anti-Lab

4/8 Sat 12-4p SF: Build the Resistance Saturday Outreach Days for May Day

4/8 Sat 1230-430p: Responding to Mental Health Crises without BPD

4/8 Sat 1-115p SF: I Can't Keep Quiet Flashmob

4/8 Sat 4p OAK: Cyberfemme-4Femme @ Anti-Lab

4/9 Sun 1-4p OAK: Crash Course Medic Training @ Anti-Lab

4/9 Sun 2-9p SF:

4/11 Tues 12p SF: Resist Trump Tuesdays

4/11 Tues 6p OAK: Banner Making with Undergraduate Workers Union

4/12 Wed 11a OAK: Taste of Resistance class visit

4/12 Wed 6-730 OAK: Bay Area Socialists April Meeting

4/13 Thurs 6p OAK: Womanist Film Night

4/11 Tues 6p OAK: Banner Making with Undergraduate Workers Union

4/12 Wed 11a OAK: Taste of Resistance class visit

4/12 Wed 6-730 OAK: Bay Area Socialists April Meeting

4/13 Thurs 6p OAK: Womanist Film Night

4/15 Sat 930-6p Berkeley: Blueprints for a Future: Transforming Education Conference

4/15 Sat 11a OAK: Tender Buttons (button making) @ Anti-Lab

4/15 Sat 10-2p Berkeley: Defend the Bay! Block Party & Cookout

4/15 Sat 1-430p SF: Tax March San Francisco

4/15 Sat 1130-230p Sac: Tax March Sacramento: Follow the Money

4/15 Sat OAK: Tax March Oakland

4/18 Tues 12p SF: Resist Trump Tuesdays

4/18 Tues 6p OAK: More Life @ Anti-Lab

4/18 Tues 7-10p SF: Vigil & Protest Against Russia's LGBT Camps

4/19 Wed 7-10p SF: Talk about May Day + Sign Making Party

4/19 Wed 730-1030p OAK: Anti Police-Terror Project General Meeting

4/20 Thurs 10a OAK: Call Together @ Anti-Lab

4/20 Thurs 6p OAK: ICE & CBP: Know Your Rights

4/21 Fri 12-4p SF: Greenaction's Action at EPA Office

4/21 Fri 630-930p Berkeley: East Bay Climate Expo & Before the Flood Screening

4/21 Fri 730-9p SF: Community Reading Group SF: Tell Me How It Ends

4/22 Sat 10-2 EB: Build the Resistance Saturday Outreach Days for May Day

4/22 Sat 11-3p San Jose: March for Science Silicon Valley

4/22 Sat 12-4p SF: March for Science - San Francisco

4/22 Sat 2p OAK: Tenants Rights with EBCLC

4/22 Sat 4p OAK: Screenprinting @ Anti-Lab

4/22 Sat 6p OAK: DOCS & AEMP Info

4/22-4/23 OAK: More Than A Protest: Strategies for Building A Movement

4/23 Sun 10a-5p Albany: Earth Day Celebration at Gill Tract Community Farm

4/23 Sun 1-4p OAK: Medic Training

4/25 Tues 12p SF: Resist Trump Tuesdays

4/25 Tues 7-10p Berkeley: Stop Urban Shield at Berkeley City Council

4/26 Wed 7p OAK: Online Petitioning Workshop

4/27 Thurs 12-130p SF: No Trump or City Cuts to Affordable Housing Rally & March

4/28 Fri 7-9p OAK: Resistance in Times of Dictatorship: LGBTQ Activism in Russia

4/29 Sat 11-3 OAK: Build the Resistance Saturday Outreach Days for May Day

4/29 Sat 11a OAK: Screenprinting @ Anti-Lab

4/29 Sat 11a-5p OAK: People's Climate Movement- Bay Area at Lake Merritt

4/29 Sat 1-5p OAK: Protest Curtain Making

4/30 Sun 1230-230p SF: How To Make Change - Strategy Session with Shaun King

4/30 Sun - 5/2 Berkeley: 2017 Othering & Belonging Conference

4/30 Sun 1-4p OAK: Anti-Oppression Workshop

4/30 Sun 530-730 SF: Resist: A Conversation with Artists about Activism

5/1 Mon: General Strike - Shut it down.

5/1 Mon  8-10a SF: May Day San Francisco! SF Strike!

5/1 Mon 11a-5p SF: A Day Without Immigrants SF

5/1 Mon 1-3p OAK: Environmental Justice Contingent in the Oakland May Day March

5/1 Mon 3-8p OAK: Oakland May Day: March & Strike for Immigrant and Worker Rights

5/2 Tue 6p OAK: Oral History as Resistance

5/3 Wed 6-730 SF: Fight the Hate: Protest in The Sunset

5/4 Thurs 645-9p Oakland: SURJ Displacement and Gentrification Workshop

5/4 Thurs 7p OAK: Hot Fresh Dissent

5/5 Fri 7-10p SF: Salt, Sugar & Love from Nowhere

5/6 Sat 11a OAK: Trans Passport Photobooth

5/6 Sat 11a OAK: Screenprinting @ Anti-Lab

5/6 Sat 1p OAK: Wheatpasting @ Anti-Lab

5/6 Sat 12-130p SF: Rally for Inclusion: 135th Anniversary of Chinese Exclusion

5/6 Sat 2-4p Oakland: SURJ Bystander Intervention Workshop

5/6 Sat 3p OAK: Resistance Art Party with BADP

5/7 Sat 930-330p TBD: SURJ Direct Action for Racial Justice Training

5/7 Sun 1-4p SF: SF United Against Trump General Assembly

5/8 Mon 930-4 Sac: Join SURJ for Quest for Democracy Advocacy Day (carpools available)

5/9 Tues 12-1230p OAK: No BAIT & Switch Budget- Refund Oakland

5/9 Tues 12-1p SF: Mother's Fighting Together for Housing & Shelter

5/9 Tues 7p OAK: Accessibility Training

5/9 Tues 1-9p SF: We Marched, We Rallied, Now What's Next: Women's March

5/10 Wed 5-8p SF: Defend The Affordable Care Act #Resistance Phone Banks

5/10 Wed 645-830p SF: SF Berniecrats May Action Meeting with Jane Kim

5/11 Thurs 6-9p OAK: Organizing for New Organizers

5/11 Thurs 630-830: Livestream: We Move Together Disability + Trans Justice

5/11 Thurs 7p OAK: State of Emergency: Unifying Our Struggles

5/16 Tues 630-930 Berkeley: Stop Urban Shield at Berkeley City Council

5/17 Wed 6-7p SF: Celebrate Chelsea Manning's Prison Release

5/17 Wed 630-830p Berkeley: People's Climate: US Food Sovereignty Alliance Members Report

5/20 Sat 11a-2p Berkeley: Know Your Rights Training w/ Berkeley Copwatch

5/21 Sun 1030-1130a Pleasanton: This Is US: Youth Panel on Discrimination & Bigotry Today

5/21 Sun 11a-6p Alameda: Climate Emergency Movement Training

5/22 Mon 11a-2p Sac: Caravan for Justice - State Lobby Day in Sacramento

5/23 Tues 7-8p SF: Fighting Back: Development vs. LGBTQ Preservation

5/23 Tues 7-830p Oakland: Intro to SURJ - Showing Up for Racial Justice

5/24 Wed- 6/7 1p SF: Support Petra Dejesus: Fight for Police Reform

5/24 Wed 6-8p SF: Consumer Power in the Trump Era: Tech + Hotel Workers United

5/24 Wed 7-9p Berkeley: Populism, Racism and Civil Liberties

5/25 Thurs 6-8p SF: The New Jim Crow Book Club Discussion with San Francisco Black Community Matters

5/25 Thurs 6-8p SF: Remembering Past Wars and Preventing the Next

5/25 Thurs 7-9p SF: Environmental Push-Back in the Trump Era

5/26 Fri 730-9p SF:

5/27 Sat 2-9p OAK: Unify: 2nd Annual Environmental Equity Summit

3/31 Wed 4-7p SF: Black Worker Justice Delegation & Human Billboard

3/31 Wed 6-730p SF: Such a Nasty Woman: Female Writers Respond to Trump

3/31 Wed 7-930p Berkeley: Welcome Oscar Lopez Rivera to the Bay Area

6/1 Thurs 10-515p SF: A Gathering for Joyous Persistence

6/1 Thurs 1-5p SF: Stop "El Chorizo" Luxury Development on Mission Street

6/1 Thurs 630-8p SF: Trumping the Climate: Coming in Hot

6/2 Fri 1-2p SF: PJ's Deportation Hearing Support

6/3 Sat 9a-130p OAK: Art + Race Conference

6/3 Sat 9-11a OAK: Take Back Our Streets: Summer Series

6/3 Sat 9-530p Modesto: Defend Healthcare - Swing District Walk

6/3 Sat 10a-1230p OAK: Abolition of Policing Workshop with Critical Resistance 

6/3 Sat 1-4p OAK: Envisioning Community Care for People with Mental Illness

6/3 Sat 2-4p SF:

6/5 Mon 12-1 SF: Rally to Stop the Deportations of Rodrigo and Hugo

6/5 Tues 5-8p OAK: Oakland City Council Meeting: Divest from Chase Bank!

6/6 Tues 6-7p SF: NeverAgain: Vigil in Support of Refugees

6/7 Wed 6-8p SF: Fundraiser for Saint Francis Homelessness Challenge

6/8 Thurs 6-8p SF: Action: Happy Hour!

6/8 Thurs 7-9p Orinda: Activists Unite! Come Party! Great Food!

6/9 Fri 730p-12a OAK: Tech Against Trump Book Launch

6/11 Sun 8a-6p Benicia: June 11th Refinery Healing Walk

6/11 Sun 11a-5p SF: Equality March SF

6/11 Sun 12-3p SF: Phone Bank for Jon Ossoff

6/11 Sun 1-4p SF: March for 180

6/11 Sun 4-5p SF: Community Conversation - Unleash the Power: Collective Care

6/12 Mon 530-630 SF: SURJ SF Families June Meet Up

6/12 Mon 6-730p OAK: AC-OCAP Public Hearing on Poverty

6/13 Tues 1230-130 SF: Pizza Party to Stop Unfair Fines and Fees

6/13 Tues 3-5p SF: Hearing on the Permanent Closure of Jail at 850 Bryant

6/13 Tues 6-8p SF: Vigil for Peace and Freedom in Mindanao

6/14 Wed 12-1230 SF: Mobilization for an Everyday People Budget

6/15 Thurs 1045-1230 OAK: Oakland Rules and Legislation Committee Meeting

6/15 Thurs 230-430 SF: Suicide Prevention Training

6/15 Thurs 630-830 SF: SAVE the Date: Bodies and Bondage

6/15 Thurs 630-830 OAK: Reportback from Korea

6/17 Sat 9a-5p: How to talk to Trump Supporters

6/18 Sun 12-3p OAK: SURJ Bystander Intervention Workshop

6/19 Mon 5-9p OAK: Oakland City Council Budget Meeting

6/20 Tues 5p OAK: DIVEST>RE-INVEST @ City Council

6/21 Wed 12-1p SF: Protect Our Healthcare: Emergency Action!

6/21 Wed 5-9p OAK: Support American Indian Religious Freedom

6/21-22 Wed 7p SF: Freedom & Dignity Across Walls: From Palestine to Pelican Bay

6/23 Fri 9-940p SF: Rise & Resist: Pride Weekend Projections

6/23 Fri 3-6p SF: Trans March - SF Pride

6/24-25 12-6p SF: Resist Hate with Equality California in SF Pride

6/24 1-3p SF: SF Politics for the 99% - An Intro with LGBTQ Leaders

6/24 Sat 1-3p Berkeley: Project Management Training

6/24 Sat 5-8p SF: 25th SF Dyke March: Calling All Dykes, Take Up Your Space

6/25 Sun 9a-12p SF: SF Pride Refuse Fascism Contingent

6/25 Sun 9a-1p SF: Milk Club Pride March with the Resistance Contingent

6/25 Sun 730-9p OAK: Liberated Lens film night: The Antifascists

7/1 Sat 3-8p OAK: PunkAssQueers - A Flaunting Dance + Music Affair

7/2 Sun 1-3p SF: Impeachment March

7/2 Sun 1-3p Berkeley: A Strategic Framework for a Just Transition

7/2 Sun 630-730p OAK: Negotiations and Conflict: Part 3 of #Tools4Organizing

7/4 Tues 12-4p Berkeley: Anti 4th of July Picnic

7/6-20 7:30p SF: Revolution Thursdays @ Vogue Theater

7/7 Fri 7-9p Santa Clara: Bystander Intervention Training

7/9 Sun 3:30-6:30p Berkeley: United Against Hate: Forum Against Racist Violence

7/15 Sat 1-5p Berkeley: The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go

7/16 Sun 8a-6p Rodeo: July 16th- Final Refinery Healing Walk

7/22 Sat 11-5p SF: 2nd Annual Mario Woods Remembrance Day

7/29 Sat 204p SF: The Human Do-In

7/15 Sat 1-5p Berkeley: The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go

7/16 Sun 8a-6p Rodeo: July 16th- Final Refinery Healing Walk

7/18 Tues 12-1p SF: Die-In For Health Care

7/18 Tues 6-9p SF: Democratic Socialists of America Happy Hour @ El Rio

7/19 Wed 530-830p SF: Police Commission Meeting

7/19 Wed 730-930p SF: Anti-Police Terror Project General Meeting

7/20 Thurs 530-7p OAK: Breathing Economic Democracy

7/21 Fri 4-6p SF: Defend Our Housing, Right to Exist & Oppose Trump's Wall

7/21 Fri 630-830p SF: Keeping Ourselves Safe: Physical and Digital Security with National Lawyers Guild

7/22 Sat 11-5p SF: 2nd Annual Mario Woods Remembrance Day

7/23 Sun 1230-230p OAK: The Bail Trap: Screening and Panel

7/23 Sun 2-6p OAK: NoBAWC Summer Cook Out/Potluck

7/24 Mon 9-12p OAK: Care Not Cages: Mental Health Emergency Hearing

7/24 Mon 645-8p OAK: Protest Trumpcare: Medicare for All

7/26 Wed 630-9p OAK: Animating Our Revolution: Artists Talk

7/27 Thurs 9a-8p SF: Day of Action to Repeal The State Restriction on Rent Control

7/28 Fri 630-830p SF: Municipalism: Building a Socialist Movement to Create People Power

7/29 Sat 930-1130a Berkeley: Visualizing Sea-level Rise

7/29 Sat 1-5p SF: Tenants Union/Mapping Project BBQ

7/29 Sat 2-4p SF: The Human Do-In

7/30 Sun 12-1p OAK: Abolition & Gentrification: AEMP Presentation & Discussion

7/30 Sun 630-730p OAK: Motivational Conversation: Part 4 of #Tools4Organizing

7/30 Sun 7-11p SF: Resist- An Action In Drag